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What is the best detox cleanse?

Human body is continuously under the process of accumulating toxic chemicals inside it. These toxins are deposited as a result of our food intake and other impurities 

from the outside world like cigarette smoke and air pollution. Our conventional food items contain some level of toxins which get stored with the body fats and cause hiccups to the normal body functions.

 Though human body has the capacity to fight these toxins through the function of liver and kidneys yet few of the toxins remain within the body and with the passage of time the quantity of toxins inside the body keeps increasing. So, what is the solution to this? A layman answer is that either we should decrease the intake of stuff that carries toxins or we should 

use some substance that can aid in excretion of these toxins. Detox diets are a common means of detoxifying one’s body.

Toxins cause damages to the body normal functions and this condition is very much obvious in people who are addicted to drug and alcohol abuse.

 These people start weakening and their immune system to defend against the toxins is completely destroyed over a period of time. You can find many people who are addicted to drugs, with lot of medical problems which even reach to the extent that these cannot be cured by any means.

Detox diets act as a cleansing agent for the body and this process has been in use for centuries in ancient Greek and Egypt medicine. Lemon detoxification is a common terms which is also used as a weight loss means.

 Detox diet food menu is also used to assist alcohol and drug addicts to get rid of it. Body detox diet normally consists of fresh food items of the season.

 In order to detoxify, one must use the freshly cooked vegetables and avoid farmed products that are available throughout the year. Seasonal fruits and vegetables contain the best effects for the body as these are nature’s gift and nature knows the best for human body.

Before opting for the detox diet, one must always consult a health expert about the menu and results to be achieved. The expert will bring out the advantages and disadvantages of the process and will also suggest some useful detox foods.

 Detox diet food program normally ranges from 3 to 21 days. It flushes out the toxins from the body and brings it to the original form. Once the detoxification has been done then the body should follow the natural course and the individual should avoid products that produce toxins.

 These products include caffeine, cigarette smoke, alcohol, drugs, preservatives and synthetic food colors and tastes.

One can easily search for detox diet tips online and follow these in consultation with the doctor’s advice.

 These diets menus normally consist of some fasting means as well. During diet fasting the individual is just supposed to take fresh juices and water etc.

 The fasting will aid in consumption of stored fats and excretion of toxins that are stored with these fast. Besides these menus, there are some commercially designed chemical detoxifying products as well.

 These products aid in excretion of toxins in a fast manner. The best means to get rid of toxins is to use detox diets and avoid products that contain toxins.