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Liquid Diet Weight Loss – What Advertising Companies Don’t Tell You

 Liquid Diet Weight Loss is such a diet plan that encourages liquid meals instead of eating solid food. Like
some other diet programs, its weight loss ability dwells on caloric lowering rules. Liquid diet weight loss is one fine way to quick loss weight and a healthy body.

Liquid Diet Weight Loss can be divided into two subtypes: complete liquid diet clear liquid diet. In the first case, any liquid food (milk, honey, milk shakes) are consumed, while in the second only clear liquids (such as broth, fruit juices without pulp) are consumed. Liquid diet weight loss is one of the easiest ways to get rid of those unnecessary fats. While its results might be a little rapid, improper ingredients or infrequent intake of it would surely ruin all your efforts to lose weight.

Lemon Cleanse Diet is one of the popular detox diet that can help to remove toxins that are stuck inside your body for years. This is one of the most famous and most extreme liquid diet for weight loss programs these days. The lemonade mixture is a combination of lemon juice, water, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. This program involves 10 days of drinking only this mixture. In line with this, the dieter is also required for a salt water flush and caffeine-free laxative tea every morning. However, this program can be dangerous as it can cause nutritional deficiencies, headaches, and fainting.

Coconut Oil Weight Loss diet plans are everywhere these days in order to lose weight fast and effectively as well and most of all it is a natural weight loss method that actually works for long term goals. According to recent studies, there are numerous nutritional and natural health benefits of coconut oil that can be an essential part of any weight loss program.

The easiest way to add coconut oil to your diet is to simply replace the butter, shortening, or other fats in the foods you cook with coconut oil. Some people like to simply take a teaspoon of coconut oil before meals.

It’s true that the possibilities are endless. However, there are also harmful consequences associated with Liquid Diet. People who are only mildly obese lose too much lean body mass which increases their chance of developing cardiac problems. Liquid protein diets have been associated with cardiac arrhythmias. Diabetics are at risk on unsupervised liquid diets because their blood sugar levels may fluctuate dramatically.

Dieters in this diet program consume low amounts of calories and as a result, their bodies go in survival mode. This then affects their overall metabolism. Plus, the body starts to store more fats when in the survival mode.

Also, this diet has insufficient fiber, which can lead to diarrhea or constipation. Other side effects can include nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, and the like. Moreover, the results of even the best liquid diet weight loss programs can only be temporary. Once you start to eat normally again, the weight can go back again. It is important to seek medical advice before starting any liquid diet programs.



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