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How to lose weight fast without Harming the Body


How to lose weight fast is among the top questions people of all ages seem to ask in order to get rid of unwanted fat from their bodies. There are many methods, diet plans, treatments, surgeries, drugs, exercising routines and their combinations available in market that claim to reduce weight in a jiffy. However, these methods are not good for overall health and in most of the cases, the weight lost is not permanent and person gain back weight very soon.  Given below are few guidelines that can help in the mission to get the weight reduced very quickly with no side effects otherwise.

Preparing the Body for Losing Weight:

In order to find the answer to the question How to lose weight fast, one needs to develop the metabolism efficiency. Metabolism efficiency means the body starts assisting the efforts made by the person to lose weight by burning calories quickly. If all the body parts are working at optimum level, then fat residue are less likely to take place in the body. Eating raspberries, strawberries and cherries are very beneficial for body as they help doing the clean up inside due to ellagic acid. These fruits are also good in fighting alcohol.

Grape are also advised by many experts as their moderate usage ensure the body gets flavinol that can boost the arteries performance, which in turn ensure good blood flow in the body. Citric fruits like Oranges, lemon, grape fruit, berries have heavy vitamin C & D. It is very beneficial for cleaning up the liver and allowing it to operate with top efficiency.

Prunes and Fiber are also advised by many experts as they expedite the whole digestion process and good overall for colon cleansing.

Apricots are especially beneficial for habitual smokers as due to its beta carotene content along with abundance of Vitamin C it can help the lungs to get minimum effects of tobacco and other impurities of smoking.

Cranberries and juices overall are good to clean the kidneys and make them work well. So taking in diet comprising of the items suggested above can really prepare the body to lose weight fast by operating with efficiency.

How to Lose Weight Fast:

Drinking half a gallon of water every day is necessary for body to operate at healthy level. But when the intention is to lose weight then the water needs to be cold the quantity remains the same though. Body will be required to burn extra calories to heat up the water before consumption. Iced water also can stuff up the body inside and the desire to eat is reduced because of it. Few drops of lemon juice with water is also beneficial for liver.

Drinking 1.25 liter of green tea during the course of the day can burn 80 calories. Similarly, increasing the consumption of chili sauce and mustard can also boost the calorie burning process by 5 to 10 percent.

It is advised to use fiber because it is good for the digestion process and also sends the signal of full stomach, which can minimize the chances of overeating. Usage of dairy items with low fats is necessary as it can also levitate the body’s ability to burn fat rapidly.


In the society that demands perfection many people seek the answer to the question How to lose weight fast. Keeping it natural and increasing the efficiency of the body is really the way to go. Consumption of natural food items and refraining from overeating can really shed the fats faster without harming the body.



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