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Heart Friendly Diet and Weight Loss


“Prevention is better than cure” everyone must have heard this statement. It needs to be applied on human diet as well. For instance, instead of waiting to become a victim of diabetic or heart condition (especially if it is running the family) before taking the right diet one should start taking the correct diet earlier. Proper diet and weight loss can help the person to live a long life by keeping the heart and whole body healthy.

Provided below are the sample diet plans one can adopt to ensure the Mr. Heart stays healthy and continue to do his job of providing fresh blood to whole body efficiently.

Good Morning:

Most important meal of the day undoubtedly is breakfast and it is advised to consume items like cereal with rich fiber contents. If we keep on providing just 10 grams of fiber to our body on daily basis it can keep the cholesterol levels in check. Include fiber in your diet and weight loss can also be achieved in little amount of time. Adding a fruit like banana can also help getting fiber content in the body. Though people suffering from diabetics or trying to lose weight should avoid bananas and seek other sources of fiber instead.

Something before Lunch:

Instead of having heavy meals it is suggested by experts to munch on smaller in between snacks between the meals. However, instead of eating junk food and snacks it is required to have a serving of raw fruits and/or vegetables. You can have such Diet and weight loss can also be attained as even stuffing fruits and vegetables are not heavy as far as number of calories is concerned. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber and there is no need to repeat that fiber is important component of heart strengthening diet and it also detoxify the human body. Other mid meals snacks include the whole grain snacks, fat free cheese or butter slices, almond or peanut butter, etc.

Hmmm its lunch time:

Lunch should be kept light and best way to achieve is by having a couple of serving of soups. Any soup in moderate quantity is good but mostly it is recommended to have beans, minestrone, lentils, etc as the chief ingredients. Pita, corn or whole grain bread can also be chosen as the side-on. As an alternative to soups tuna could also be consumed with whole grain bread.

What nothing before dinner?

Again a healthy mid meal snack between lunch and dinner can make the body feel stuffed so overeating could be avoided. At the same time it can prevent the consumption of coffee, tea or those good for nothing high sugar carbonated drinks. Fruits and dry fruits are recommended highly by experts, so dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts and fresh fruits like pear and peach or Apple. Fruit cocktail with or without low fat yogurt is another tasty and healthy mid meals snack one can use.

Finally, the Dinner time:

Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary ingredients for keeping the heart healthy. Fishes of different kind are known to be loaded with these acids so at least thrice a week dinner’s main dish should be fish like Salmon, trout, sardine, tuna, etc. Steamed vegetables could be used with any main dish as side-on. Baked potato and/or low fat dairy yogurt can also be used occasionally.


Healthy heart diet and weight loss is a mandatory combination for everyone so that there is no compromise on health of heart. There are many combinations of food items one can try according to geographical location and taste. Important thing  is to come up with a heart friendly plan and then stick to it.



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